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Year Paper Title
2023 LI, G. X. and Y. H. Yeh, Western Cultural Influence on Corporate Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies, Global Finance Journal, Forthcoming
2023 Huang, W. C., Chen, C. T., Lee, C., Kuo, F. H., & Huang, S. H.*, Attentive gated graph sequence neural network-based time-series information fusion for financial trading, Information Fusion (SCI, IF=17.564, Rank: 1/110, Computer Science, Theory & Methods, RF<1%) , 91, pp261-276
2023 Wang, T. Y., Chen, C. T., Huang, J. C., & Huang, S. H., Modeling Cross-session Information with Multi-interest Graph Neural Networks for the Next-item Recommendation, ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data(SCI, IF=4.157, Rank: 17/110, Computer Science, Software Engineering, RF=15%), 17, 1, pp1-28
2023 He, F. F., Chen, C. T., & Huang, S. H.*, A multi-agent virtual market model for generalization in reinforcement learning based trading strategies, Applied Soft Computing(SCI, IF=8.263, Rank: 11/112, Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications, RF<10%), pp109985-
2023 Yang, W. T., Chen, C. T., Sang, C. Y., & Huang, S. H.*, Reinforced PU-learning with Hybrid Negative Sampling Strategies for Recommendation, ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology(SCI, IF=10.489, Rank: 6/164, Computer Science, Information Systems, RF<5%), forthcoming
2023 Chan, C. T., Huang, S. H.*, & Choy, P. P., Poisoning attacks on face authentication systems by using the generative deformation model, Multimedia Tools and Applications(SCI, IF=2.577, Rank: 42/110, Computer Science, Theory & Methods), pp1-20
2022 forthcoming
2022 forthcoming, (SSCI)
2022 Lin, J. J. and Yu, M. T., Managerial Overconfidence and Dividend Stickiness , Managerial Overconfidence and ividend stickiness
2022 Yao-Tsung Chen, Chunchi Wu and Chung-Ying Yeh, Asset Pricing Tests of Infrequently Traded Securities: The Case of Municipal Bonds, Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 12, 3, pp754-807, (Others)