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Fintech Trainings

FinTech refers to the applications of new technologies (primary information technologies) to existing domains of financial operations. The purpose of FinTech is to provide financial products and services in ways of faster services, lower costs, wider coverage, more automated, and better customer experience. To combine new technologies into banking operation and financial activities, the learning, and practicing of FinTech require the connection between two domains of knowledge: financial business model and information technology.

Among all Finance departments in Taiwan, our department is one of kind that has faculties from both domains. Therefore we build an ideal environment for FinTech teaching, research, and implementation. In addition to providing classes in separated area of Finance and Information Technology, our department can offer courses that integrate both areas. Those integrated courses may include Introduction to FinTech, Bigdata and Data Governance, Data Science, AI, and FinTech Practices, and Data mining and Business Intelligence. The department closely connects with several financial institutions including Yuanta Securities Investment Trust, E.Sun Financial Holding Company, and Nan Shan Life Insurance Company. We regularly invite speakers from the above institutions. Moreover, through participating in projects collaborated by our department and the above financial institutions, students can obtain hands-on experience of real-world FinTech.