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Computer Science Trainings

Data science is a cross-disciplinary subject that combines finance, information, mathematics, and statistics. Students learn how to analyze data and extract useful information from them to benefit our society or bring corporate profitability. Under the trend of mass information flow, companies have gained large databases, thus making data science increasingly important. Due to the recent developments of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Language Processing, data processing has become less time-consuming, leading to the rapid growth in data science. The applications of data science can be applied to various fields; take Fintech and Regtech for example. In Fintech, it includes credit scoring and fraud detection, while anti-money laundry is included in Regtech. We can also analyze the relationship between the feedback on social media from customers and consumer behavior to improve business strategies.

With the aid of various modeling techniques, data science can maximize the utility of data and provide benefits in different aspects. With our experienced faculty, the courses offered by our department will be able to cultivate talents who can make full use of the current complex and large-scaled information, and graduates will hopefully succeed and pioneer in the current multi-specialized society.